• 2000 people were stuck under the English Channel
    • John Paul II and Pius XII one step closer from the sainthood

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    • U.S. help Yemen to fight Al Quaeda
    • Afghan president = Amid Karzai
    • Cambodia = Phnom Penh Uighurs are sent back to China because they enter the country illegally
    • G.M. plans to close Saab
    • Copenhagen = 5 nations agreement : USA / China / Brazil / India / South Africa

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    • China refuses to assist the meeting where Obama was in Copenhagen
    • Another bomb attack in Pakistan near a Mosque where go the police
    • Leyva a drug caïd was killed by the police in Mexico
    • The sign "Arbeit macht frei" has been stolen in Auschwitz
    • Brian Moynihan is the new chef of the Bank of America

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    • Nuclear power in China: Mr Kang
    • Burmese dissident meet themself (Birmany / Myanmar): they are allowed by the government (Aung San Suu Kyi)
    • Netanyahu: Israel Prime Minister
    • Zardari: Pakistan's President
    • The CE accepted Microsoft's idea about choosing the navigator you want

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  • Hello everybody...
    I will try to help you to catch the most important things that happen in the world. Each day you will have some news about economics, politics ...

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