• North Korea Started Uranium Program in 1990s, South Says
    • Tunnels to hide nuclear work of Iran
    • The World Food Program said the suspension of food deliveries to a million people was due to threats as well as “unacceptable demands by armed groups"
    • Naoto Kan, prime minister of Japan
    • Shashi Tharoor, a member of Parliament and a junior minister, has upset traditional politicians with his frequent use of Twitter.

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    • 5 embassies closed in Yemen
    • U.S. Intensifies Air Screening for Fliers From 14 Nations

    • Russia-Belarus Oil Dispute Threatens Europe’s Supply

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    • Farouk Abdulmutallab (the man who failed in making a bomb explosion in the flight to Detroit) said that an expert from Yemen gave him the explosives.
    • Tehran protesters: against the actual government (Ahmadinedjad)
    • A U.S. missionary crossed illegally the barrier between China and North Korea (it is a river)
    • Czech want to ban the communist party
    • Susanna Maiolo agressed the pope Benedict XVI and the cardinal Etchegaray: the last one suffers of a fractured tighbone

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    • Revenge in drug war in Mexico: the mother of a sailor who died during the arrestation of the caïd has been killed today.
    • In Iraq some extremists say that they will put bomb in Churches for Christmas
    • Gennadi Pavlyuk, a politically active former editor, was bound and thrown from a window in Kyrgyzstan
    • Afghan senator killed mistakenly at a police checkpoint (mohammad younus)
    • Ford sells Volvo

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    • Eurostar starts its traffic again
    • US growth 2.2 percent in the third quarter
    • OPEC tells to the big producers to reuce their production

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